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Humble Origins

Kitchens Plus founders Dave and Joe opened their first shop in Heaton Road. They started out by installing Kitchens & Bedrooms while providing second to none customer service. The very foundation of our business philosophy.


One Stop Shop

At this time, Dave and Joe, decided to expand the business. We would begin to manufacture the products as well as fitting them. This resulted in the customer having one place they needed to go to for their home renovations.


3-step process

With many successful years, Dave and Joe refined their approach to a simple 3-step approach. This allowed customers to know how the exact process they will go through. This approach is so successful we use it to this day!


Going Limited

Continuing to expand, Dave and Joe needed a new, bigger premise to keep up with all the new work. At this point in the company's history, we became a limited (Ltd) company which provided a more professional feel to the company.


Expanding the Premises

Continued success meant more customers, which means more space was needed. It was during this period that Kitchens Plus started to expand our showrooms all across the North-East.



We looked at the business and we realized we could provide our expertise into other home renovation areas. We started to focus more onto Bathrooms. Before this time, Bathrooms was a side part of the business, but from this time onwards, it would become an integral part.


New Technologies

Wanting to be as transparent as possible, we started looking towards new technologies. 3D CAD software was to be used. This would help us communicate to our customers how exactly the finished project will look like.


Relocating Branches

After evaluating ourselves and our customers needs. We decided to move locations of one of our showrooms. The Sunderland branch had been decided to become the Washington branch. This would pave the way for better service within the North East area.


Future onwards

Looking towards the future, we will continue to maintain our high standards of customer care. We will continue to strive to be a place where anybody can improve their home with as little hassle as possible for the best possible prices.


Years of Experience




North East Showrooms




Our bread and butter. You won't find any finer company to design and install your dream kitchen.


With the continued success of our Bathroom designs and installations we can give you the best in modern bathrooms.


Part of our uPVC range, Windows have becoming very popular installation projects, from double to triple glazed.


We have been installing bedrooms since the start at Kitchens Plus. Updating your bedroom won't be a problem with Kitchens Plus.

Building Works

From resin driveways to home extensions, we can tackle those big projects to improve your home.


Tiles are an important part to any home, where in your kitchen or bathroom, we provide a selection of different tiles for any of your needs.

The North East's Premier Kitchen & Bathroom Specialists

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