Resin Driveways


Driveways if not properly treated can become damaged over time. Updating it with Kitchens Plus has never been easier, while we do both types of resin driveways, we do suggest going with Resin Bound for the reasons stated below. Contact us and ask about our Resin Bonded and Resin Bound driveway options.


Resin Bonded is where we apply a layer of resin over the existing driveway that has been properly cleaned. Afterwards, we apply aggregate to the resin ensuring it is fully covered. When settled, we sweep up any loose aggregate. Depending on the aggregate used will determine the type of finish, for example the single stone layer leaves a rough textured finish.

  • Applied over existing driveway
  • Stones can become loose over time
  • Quality and how long it lasts depends on previous driveway quality


Resin Bounded is the process of replacing the full driveway by digging it up and properly applying multiple-layers with the resin layer going on top. With the multiple layers, this ensures the driveway is long lasting. As well as this, it also allows for more types of finishes. With the proper base it allows drainage water through which reduces the chances of flooding.

  • Combine different aggregates for an increased amount of finishes
  • Long Lasting
  • Allows water through, reducing risk of flooding


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What our clients say

After every project, we ask for feedback from our customers. Here is what they have said.

  • Our new kitchen is the exact way we wanted it! Couldn't be happier and would definitely recommend to anyone! The job ran smoothly, our project manager was great and the communication from Caitlin in the office was regular every day. Thank you!

    Mr. Dytor
  • As old people it can be a turn up for us getting a kitchen fitted but it hasn't been, we have had communication from Caitlin everyday and Lloyd is the very best fitter, there has been no problems and any blips were sorted straight away. We are really over the moon I cant say anything else other than how happy we are with our new kitchen!

    Mrs. Hill
  • We are so happy with the final result of our kitchen the fitter has done a fantastic job! The communication from the office has been great from start to finish and the job was really well managed.

    Mrs. Forest
  • Our manager Chris was brilliant! The delivery was good and on time. All installers were brilliant, John was lovely and friendly. Overall we are very happy with the end product.

    Mr. Cordner
  • We had no problem with our delivery at all, the installers were absolutely fabulous! The communication was fantastic, we were phoned everyday to let us know what was happening. Overall, fabulous job and great lads that installed it.

    Mr. & Mrs. Ling